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This is Why BBM Snubbed Comelec’s Hosting of Presidential Debate


By: Elena Grace Flores

Ph News Recap

[VIDEO]: Pacquiao’s Department of Water

Comelec’s Hosting of Presidential Debate

BBM and Mayor Sara Duterte were unanimous in ignoring the 2nd Comelec hosting of presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos said that he would rather continue his campaign sortes than answer repeated questions over and over again.

Pacquaio’s Department of Water

The NWRB or National Water Resources Board is the government agency. It manages and regulates all water resources and services in the Philippines. All water related activities that have social, environmental and economic impacts in the country are integrated here. But somehow, Presidential candidate Manny Pacquiao said that if he becomes President, he would create the Department of Water. That brings laughter to the audience.

Senator Ping Lacson’s View

Senator Ping Lacson seems to agree with BBM this time. He said that the 2nd hosting of Comelec’s Presidential debate was boring. It was a waste of time, he added. Worst, it is used by some political handlers to destroy the reputation of the leading bets.

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