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This is Why Bongbong Marcos is the Millionaire Politician’s Choice


By: Elena Grace Flores


Bongbong Marcos is the Millionaire Politician’s Choice

Millionaire politician Chavit Singson is a supporter of the administrator. But he’s from the solid north. So, he said naturally he’ll go for Bongbong Marcos as President. He believes that Marcos will continue the projects of his father. Besides, he’s also very qualified for the job, he added.

Better to be a Kingmaker than to be a King

Singson does not want to be president despite his status. He clarifies that it’s better to be a kingmaker than to be a king. He continues to give suggestions to the administration. He just hopes that the presidential votes won’t have any conflicts. His president is Bongbong Marcos. Then, Mayor Sara Duterte for VP.

Administration Confusion

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte gets his vote for senator. Senator Bong Go remains as a friend regardless of his choice for president. At first, there’s confusion in the alliance. But he hopes that all goes well as the election progresses. He’s definitely for the BBM-Sara tandem, the millionaire said.

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