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This is Why Senator Robin Padilla is Not Happy about ICC’s Interference in the Drug War


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Padilla saddened, hurt by ICC meddling in the PH drug war

Senator Padilla on ICC’s Interference

Senator Robin Padilla is not happy. In fact, he’s hurt by the International Criminal Court’s or ICC’s investigation into the country’s brutal war on drugs. He said it’s an insult for a senator like him that other authorities from a foreign land would inspect the internal affairs of the country.

Not Happy

If the Philippines would allow the interference of foreigners, he would feel useless in his capacity. That means the people do not trust the justice system of the country. The ICC can only be an observer. He would definitely make a protest when that happens.

Investigation with Judgement

Senator Padilla added that it was only the opposition who brought the drug war case to the ICC. So, before the investigation, there’s already a judgment. It is so unfair for the Duterte administration to even deal with the criticisms then.

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