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This Marcos Gold-Backed Philippine Currency Documentation Makes Sense


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Gold-Backed Philippine Currency: The Hindered Plan of Ferdinand Marcos

Lockdown Without Financial Aid

Why lie to the Filipinos? The debt-based world economy is now on the verge of collapse. The Coronavirus pandemic seems to linger. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announces that Metro Manila is back to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine. But without financial aid to the people this time. The country runs out of money so to speak. Most Filipinos feel that they have nothing to lose anymore.

Gold-Backed Philippine Currency

Despite the President’s anti-oligarchy movements, people’s lives are still not better. The anti-Marcos government officials hold him back. The constitution is subject to checks and balances. The members of the cabinet and law-makers argue. One thing is for sure. The Philippines is naturally rich in gold. There’s that collection of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Not to mention the Yamashita treasure and other sources. All these can make up two-third of the world’s gold reserves. But their recovery is on a halt. The Aquinos put a label on them as hidden. The oligarchs in the government are in connection with the world’s capitalists. If each Filipino becomes rich, they can’t make money on them anymore.

The Chance of the Marcos Namesake in 2022

The loyalists are confident that only Bongbong Marcos can realize the brilliant plans of his father. Each faction dig documentations. This is to clearly explain the brainwashing strategy against the late President. Nonetheless, only a Marcos clearly understands the brain of a nationalist in the family. BBM holds the key. His father’s love for the country secures its greatness even after his death. Now, people must decide to bring back a Marcos to the executive office at the soonest possible time.

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1 thought on “This Marcos Gold-Backed Philippine Currency Documentation Makes Sense

  1. I Do agree that the Oligarchs don’t want us
    Filipino people to rise up with MARCOS Wealth for Humanity and its because they cannot make money anymore.
    As Marcos Loyalists I/we believe that we have to bring back MARCOS to the highest position of the land because Only a Marcos can totally change the lives of the Filipino people for only the late Pres.FERDINAND E.MARCOS & his Family has the big heart for the country and for the Filipino people mostly the poor.
    Thru’ his son we believe that our Nation which is called “THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS ” will rise and become Great again .
    We have to enthrone MARCOS FOR A BETTER PHILIPPINES.

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