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Thor is Definitely Trending at Twitter

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I remember getting hooked at my seat the very first time I watched Thor – the movie. It’s not just the story, settings and camera tricks that got me but the very appealing character of Thor. Oh yes, he is so handsome but mysterious – but it’s the sexiness in him that will keep you wanting to have more glimpses of him. Watch this trailer:

Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer HD

Posted at YouTube by: Marvel Entertainment

Actually, the cast all have interesting characters that are portrayed very well by the artists. I don’t know if the long hair contributed to the attractiveness of the male stars but for sure, their masculine physique help a lot. Every scene will make you dream – what if you were born or will be born in that era where Thor can exists? Awesome thought isn’t it? So, let’s watch the movie and see if it’s better than the previous episode!

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