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Toni Gonzaga: Even a Psychic for Free Can Tell that PBBM is Destined to be President

psychic for free

By: Elena Grace Flores

Toni Gonzaga Studio
[VIDEO]: Toni Gonzaga’s interview with President Bongbong Marcos.

Psychic for Free

The former First Lady acted like a psychic for free when she said that the presidency is destiny.  And that she dreams that her son will soon become the president. So, now when President Ferdinand Marcos is called, his son thinks that they are calling his father.

Learning from the Father

Even if it costs the country but it’s good for the people, the president must do it. His voters trust him to do good. So, the Filipino leader cannot betray that. Politics divided the nation. Partisan interests are mostly discussed. Now, it’s time to do what’s right for life improvements because performance is the best politics, said PBBM. No need for a psychic for free for that.

Love for the Nation

President Bongbong Marcos is a 58.77 % super majority winner garnering 31 million votes. He’s not asking for anything from the people now. He added that it’s the government’s turn to take care of the people. The Filipinos already went through lots of problems during the pandemic. Jobs must be available. Rehabilitation must be provided to addicts. The economy can only progress. Giving chances for decent livelihood and lifestyle to all Filipinos is a must because of their gracious nature.

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