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Toni’s Hosting Style Gets the Best of Robin Padilla’s Past, Present, and Future under the BBM-Sara Uniteam


By: Elena Grace Flores

Toni Gonzaga Studio
[VIDEO]: Robin Padilla opens up about his past, his present and his hope for the future.

Toni’s Hosting Went Past Robin’s Bad Boy Image

He was jailed because of illegal possession of fire arms. Went to the mountains to become NPA. But his ex-wife challenged him. She told him that people will remember that he’s evading the law. However, Toni-Gonzaga’s hosting focuses on the changed man.

Mother Lily’s Break

Robin Padilla was a natural stunt man since childhood. Most shocking rules also went to him. But Mother Lily Monteverde saw his potential. Gave him workshops for leading man rules in dramas. But his experience in jail allowed him to see things in a different light. Toni’s hosting then led him to Islam. He realized that Muslims are not NPAs. Robin embraced the religion and pushes for Federalism under the BBM-Sara Uniteam.

The Lover Boy

It’s easy to fall in love in showbiz but it’s also quick to lose it. Robin went into depression when he was divorced by his ex-wife. He was saved by his dog’s suicide. Because he was on the verge of doing it. Now, he is keen on his love for the country. Cory Aquino’s 1987 constitution and her reign didn’t give a good life to Filipinos. So, he’s confident that his Uniteam now will push it forward. No “chop suey” leadership can work, he stressed.

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  1. I believe Federalism will be good to our country . Since we are Archipelago with scattered Island throughout and we can spread the wealth throughout the regions. Whatever one region received income from any sources they should get more percentage of shares and not going to the main capital. By doing so every region they can be able to take care of there own projects. They don’t have to wait any monies coming from Manila without going through the budgetary process. Every Region should have there own way to distribute monies to fund every project in their respective provinces and Barangays. As long as Auditors are in place in every Region so check and balance can be maintained. Hoping that corruptions in the government officials can be prevented and will diminish once the Federalism has been implemented .

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