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Toots Ople Reveals the Economic Recovery Plan of PBBM for OFWs and their Families


By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: PBBM’s Plans for OFWs

Economic Recovery for OFWs

It’s a tear-jerker for OFWs to know the economic recovery plans of PBBM’s administration for the living heroes of the country. Toots Ople said that this does not involve only the Filipino Overseas Workers but also for their families.

Department of Migrant Workers

The recovery plan for the OFWs includes a housing project for them. Ople believes in the leadership of PBBM and she wants to help in her own little way. To lead the Department of Migrant Workers Department is a big step if ever.

Consultation Process

Specialization and competence are the main criteria for the selection for the head of the sector. This makes Ople happy to think about the position offered. However, she needs time to do consultation because she has an existing NGO to run. She takes it as a recognition of her many years of efforts in the industry.

1 thought on “Toots Ople Reveals the Economic Recovery Plan of PBBM for OFWs and their Families


    1. Other than taking over of all public utilities by the State in accordance with Sec. 17 and 18, Article 12 of the Constitution that has an approximate collection of more or less 7-8 Trillion Pesos annually if collected by the State, what are your ideas or other ideas to be contributed towards Philippines Socio Economic Recovery BETTER THAN THESE?

    Considering that one half of the aforementioned amount collected will be spent for operation and maintenance to include personnel emolument or wages, will it not be clear to you that this formula of solving the present economic problem of the Nation and its sovereign people is the real and actual solution specifically if we will established and put up our Philippine National Shipping (PNS) as 80–90% of global trade, moving over 10 billion tonnes of containers, solid and liquid bulk cargo across the world’s oceans annually are carried by marine transportation?

    *Bakit pa natin igalang at sumunod sa mga mandatos ng Constitution at mga batas na ipinasa ng Kongreso at Senado at aprobado ng Pangulo ng Bansa kung bina-bale wala lang naman ng gobyerno at ng mga nagpapatupad nito ang mga nasabing mandatos ng Estado? “Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” Maari ba ninyo maipaliwanag kung ano ang ibig sabihin nitong Artikulo II ng ating Saligang Batas?

    2. Forget politics after the Election because politics divide people. Will you all consider and give significance if each year we will build or buy 2,000 ships with an approximate cost of One (1) Trillion Pesos and 6,000 ships for an approximate amount of Three (3) Trillion Pesos, considering that each vessel cost P500 million Pesos each excluding barges and Tug Boat? Can you visualize and or imagine the greatness of the Philippines once this happen and the people say “Our Nation is Great Again” similar to the Free Spanish era rather than continue exporting human labor that are being abused by some employers?

    3. If we endeavor to help our economy grow by building a stronger maritime community and assuming that the income from our Philippine National Shipping (PNS) be subsidized to the needs of our Farmers and Fishers rather than promoting 4P’s, likewise, rebirthing Commonwealth Act 141 and implement as soon as possible by giving two (2) hectares to to every Family without land instead of 24 hectares as intended by the original version, will the sovereign people experience hardship and hunger similar to what they’d experienced from the past three to four decades?

    4. A lot of people are discussing about P20.00 pesos per kilo of rice, if the farmers will be subsidized by the State and reduce the price of rice to P10.00 – P12.00 pesos a kilo and the excess rice has to be exported, will there will be a sense of good governance for the people?

    5. To deal with electricity and water consumption of the Filipino sovereign people Nationwide, can it be possible to spend One (1) Trillion Pesos worth to build hydro-electric plant, raising the sea water to a height of 100-200 meters above sea level and be dropped at hydro-electric plant impeller to produce electricity, likewise, One (1) Trillion worth to be allocated for building a Fresh Water Generator Nationwide located at more or less 100 miles from the nearest land to produce clean and purified fresh water which can also be used to drive hydro-electric generator using the above-mentioned principles?

    6. Other than public utilities to provide source of capital for the State and its government, R.A. 9483 known as the “Oil Pollution Compensation Act of 2007” provides: “Sec. 22(a) Contributions of Owners and operators of tankers and barges hauling Oil and for petroleum products in Philippine waterways and coast wise shipping routes. During its first year of existence, the Fund shall be constituted by an impost of ten centavos (10c) per liter for every delivery or transshipment of Oil made by tanker barges and tanker haulers.

    7. Our daily petroleum consumption in June 2019 was 516, 230 barrels, if we multiply to 159 liters per barrel, we can get a total of 82,080,570 million liters daily consumption. Now, if this daily petroleum consumption figures be multiplied by P0.10 per liter, the government can collect P8.2 Million Pesos daily and in one year it can reach a total of P2.99 Billion. Now, if this amount be multiplied to 14 years retroactively since the law was enacted, it is crystal clear that more or less P42 Billion is a collectible amount by the State excluding penalties and or interest, if any. The Supreme Court has already decided this case in 2018 and if this amount be used to buy or build a ships, considering one ship cost only P500 million Pesos, the Philippines can easily and immediately own 84 ships to be used for importing and exporting goods and for Barter Trading other than providing employment for our seafarers, ship chandler, charterer, porters, etc. as our seafarers are being threatened to be “blacklisted” by the European Nation.

    8. To solve the problems that came into the mind of every Filipinos relative to corruption, can it be possible to amend the Penal Code of the Philippines that for every One (1) million worth of prima facie corruption committed by any individual, one finger has to be cut-off and if three (3) fingers were already missing, they will be given perpetual disqualification to hold public service, and if five fingers were missing perpetual disqualification to hold public service be imposed up to their second degree of consanguinity?

    Yan ang dapat pag tuunan natin ng pansin at hindi ang sisihan, silipan ng kamalian at inggitan… para ang lahat ay makaranas ng magandang kabuhayan at mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan. Tayong mga mamamayan ang masunod at hindi ang ating ibinoto na mga politiko o pinahiram ng kapangyarihan, maliwanag na nakasaad yan sa ating Constitution at dapat yan ay ating gampanan ng walang labis na pagkukulang.

    Contributed by and expecting immediate action;

    Engr. Bienvenido Sarate – Lorque
    KDP Vice-Presidential Candidate from the past May 9, 2022 National and Local Election, but withdrawn with my Presidentiable Prof. Butch Valdes for some valid reason

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