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Top 5 Considerations when Setting Up a Coffee Shop


By: Gemma Lagasca


Coffee ShopWorking people are haggling with time to finish the task for the day – and that’s the normal scene during weekdays for most of us. Having a cup of brewed coffee is a helpful way to fuel-up your mind and body. It’s interesting to see those people who love to stay hours in a coffee shop. How relaxing indeed to stay in a cozy place with soft jazz music playing at the background – while the aromatic scent of fresh coffee is on the air. You can seat-back and relax on a comfortable couch with your laptop on the table. Aside from catching up with work, is a suitable place to bond with friends too online. Just activate the connection over the net and login to your favorite social media or take time in answering your emails without looking so stressful.

After a while, the coffee shop assistant calls your name to inform you that your hot latte is ready. Known coffee shops owners know the secret techniques on how to encourage people to drink coffee from their shops instead of making it at home? In fact, we can easily buy coffee beans and other flavorings from the supermarket if we want to. We can even use a specialized coffee maker to create our own version of brewed coffee. Why is it that nothing can beat a coffee shop when it comes to coffee drinking? Here’s why:

  • It’s the taste. Everybody can make coffee at home but an established coffee shop has its own signature flavor that is tested with time. They have created personalized servings using special coffee beans, chocolates, whip cream, creamers, sugar and toppings to improve their products better. Additionally, every shop has its own style of coffee cups, cutlery and table settings to compliment the tasty coffee.
  • Complete coffee-making facility from grinder to brewer. Coffee beans that are brewed right after grinding are the best. It’s not just practical to buy these facilities for home use because they are very costly and maintenance costs can also add up to the burden.
  • The shop’s ambiance is enhanced with its interior designs and lighting. The glass walls also will allow a coffee drinker to watch people passing by. The landscape, ornamental plants, sounds and tricks from a water fountain are enticing view while mesmerizing over coffee. The relaxing atmosphere is just so irresistible that the soft couch is like calling a tired body to lay on it. The color combinations are welcoming and the art works hanged on the walls are classical and inspiring.

  • The relaxing sound is holistic. Although you can easily turn-on an iPod at home to listen to your favorite music, it is different to hear the well selected coffee shop music that is so soothing. Maybe the right volume and frequency flowing freely are also additional factors why it’s so therapeutic to just hang around in those places.
  • A social but discreet place to meet or make friends. Going out with friends is indeed a part of social life. Bonding can also be done at home if you are willing to invite your friends and entertain them. But it’s very different when you dress up and be seen outside of your premises. You can just enjoy the company with the coffee without worrying on washing the mugs or used utensils.  It’s nice to get-off from those clutters sometimes.

Going out once in a while is priceless. It helps you renew your minds from the daily grind in life at least temporarily. People just don’t go to coffee shops for coffee – also the nice things that come with it which is vital in renewing your energy for the challenges ahead of you. These things are essential considerations when deciding to open a coffee shop for business.

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