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Tougher Regulations Needed in the Calamity-Prone Philippines

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Firecrackers (Photo credit: sarub)

Typhoon Yolanda restoration efforts in the Philippines are far from over  but man-made disasters started to happen as New Year celebrations unfold. This is despite the Department of Health’s anti-firecrackers campaign that made them dance all the way through various communities. The dance promo and the rest of the information drive obviously did not work. Read this:

Philippine New Year celebrations leave hundreds injured


At least one person has been killed and nearly 600 others injured by New Year fireworks and gunfire in the Philippines, officials have said.

A baby was killed by a stray bullet, and a teenager is reported to have been killed by a firecracker display.

It’s always been known that the Filipino masses need ample discipline to be able to live safely. The poor mentality just get the worst of them prioritizing fun over safety. Tougher regulations are needed badly before innocent children get killed again due to stray bullets and body parts get amputated from firecracker accidents and mishandling.

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