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If Traffic Congestion in LA increases after adding Lanes, Philippines should stick with Tricycles

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Motorized tricycles or simply tricycles, are an indigenous basic system of the auto rickshaw and not only common means of public transportation in the Philippines but also convenient vehicle for hire for short-time use like sending passengers from the public transportation terminal to the village where they live. It operates like a taxi but with lesser fee of course. Their existence can justify car owners bringing their own transport because they do not have to walk from the drop off point of long distance public transport systems. So, in a way tricycles really did help in easing traffic problems in main roads for as long as they stay in their allowable routes.

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Road widening and additional lanes will only trigger the interest of the driving public to buy new, modern or even posh cars. So, sooner or later bigger roads will be congested – and drivers can spend more time in their comfortable vehicles – not unless disaster strikes and they are trapped longer than usual.. So, sometimes keeping the basic means can’t be a bad idea.

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