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Traitors’ Unseating the President Plan has No Credit with his High Satisfaction Rating


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: PBBM’s High Approval Rating for the First 100 Days

No Credit to Detractors

Despite some media misinterpretations of the loans obtained by the administration of President Bongbong Marcos, it receives a high approval rating in its first 100 days. The power struggle at Malaca├▒ang also did not matter. The anti-Marcos in the PDP Laban may have to go through the needle’s hole with the solid loyalists behind leaving no credit to the detractors at all.

High Approval Ratings

During the initial first 100 days of President Marcos, the administration gets the credit for the following ratings by Pulse Asia from Sept. 17 to 21:
Calamity Respons 78%
Covid 19 Response 78%
Promoting Peace in the country 69%
OFW Protection 68%
Anti-Criminality 67%
Law Enforcement 62%

The 31 Million Voters are Real

Some detractors float that the 31 million voters are not real. This is over social media because the loyalists are indeed a silent majority. Others claim that Duterte supporters who voted for Marcos are more than his followers. It may be true that they added to his votes but the calmness of his supporters could only mean that they believe in PBBM’s capacity to lead the country toward obtaining peace and progress.

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