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Trillanes Must Apologize for Making False Accusations against Binay then Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Atty. Paola Alvarez, spokesperson of PDP-Laban called on Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to apologize to the public for giving false information to prove his unfounded accusations against against presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte.

This is in relation to Duterte’s two BPI accounts – one with a P17,000 deposit and P27,000 with the other. Trillanes, announced on TV in a malicious manner that Duterte has an estimated P211 million deposited in both accounts. BPI’s confidentiality policy is one of the most strict regulation the bank could ever have – and denied the information leakage.

Trillanes attempted to repeat the media propaganda they did to outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay that tainted his reputation – slamming his rating down from the most trusted government official to the most corrupt – despite not having concrete evidences of the said corruption allegations. Now, it’s about time that Trillanes should issue an apology to both wherever he may be at this point.


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