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True or Not: Pro-Marcos Filipinos Turn to BBM’s Prophecy for the Nation’s Hope


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

Prophecy that Gives Hope to BBM’s Supporters

Solely for Inspiration Only

It comes very handy for online researchers to go through the compilations of Nostradamus’ predictions. Interpretations are made that suit the makers’ aspirations. One of them can’t be ignored when it comes to the son and namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Bongbong Marcos as he is popularly known seeks to run for the first or second public office in 2022. This alleged prophecy suits the will of the Marcos loyalists.

Bongbong Marcos’ Birth

The prophecy says; “In the 57th year of the 19th century,(Bongbong Marcos was born in 1957)the Peace of Justice and the Blood of Love from the Blessed Land in the Oriental Pearl of Asia (Philippines) an innocent boy shall be born. A few slides follow regarding the yellow faction and President Rodrigo Duterte’s paving the way to BBM.

What’s mind-boggling is this manuscript; His name has 8 letters beginning from the 2nd letter of the alphabet. This man shall change the course of the history of the whole world and every man shout his name twice like the sound of the big bell.” (Bong-Bong)

New Leader for 2022

Another relevant slide says; “And will start his work in the Year of the Tiger (2022), and its people shall honor and force him to be their Savior Leader (Majority of Filipinos forcing BBM to run for the presidency).

The above promise is very timely for the suffering Filipinos due to the Covid-19 pandemic. BBM’s sister, Senator Imee Marcos diligently examines the constitution and finds means to fund the lockdown situation of the citizens. However, there seem to be yellow forces around the government that hinder her good intentions for the welfare of the people. Therefore, it is best that the younger Ferdinand Marcos himself should lead the nation to continue the humanity plans of their father for the country and the world in general.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

22 thoughts on “True or Not: Pro-Marcos Filipinos Turn to BBM’s Prophecy for the Nation’s Hope

  1. We’re hoping that Bongbong Marcos will be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines

      1. He’s our champion to on throne this year

  2. No its only a propaganda . BBM shall not be given chance or else the Filipino nation turn back to the past.

    1. Actually It would be great if he will become the pres as you can see his father did many great things during his era and I dont know some people thinks his dad being a bad person, but for as I know he has good plans for such as being strong country and not being controlled by Oligarchs and Elites

    2. YOU are SATANIC – SPIRIT. SOUL and BODY! You have no right all to deprive the People fom their Wll/ CHOICE! DOING so is NEVER DEMOCRACY! YOU’RE DAMN and STUPID! You don’t own the Philippines/Filipinos! IDIOT / BEAST!

      1. he’ll win, for sure

    3. Bbm just won the election on may 9 and he is the prisedent know in ph

  3. This is mindboggling!

  4. that particular prophesy is not legit.They should have included what century and quatraints of Nostradamus did it appear.

  5. Why not if the majority is he is.

  6. Yes, definitely, If the people wants him to win.
    I ‘m surely my whole family and relatives will vote him.

  7. Not to object to the prediction or to BBM’s plans, but have we forgotten that 19th century is the 1800’s? Last century was the 20th century (1900 to 1999).

  8. For sure, BongBong will be in a position to make Pinas rich, prosperous, powerful and respectable….

  9. The mis-interpretation of Nostradamus’ predictions as a propaganda tool suits the will of the Marcos loyalists.

  10. Hoping, and it will happen BBM will be the next leader in our country.

    To God be the glory

  11. for sure bongbong will be our next president as we can see now….

  12. yeah! true. Of course, we should not trust the stories regarding President Marcos as a “magnanakaw” daw, because they are merely spreading it to boost their popularity. We should stick to what we’ve seen thus far. “To see is to believe” ika nga nila. For now we should determine/identify what aspirant Bong-bong Marcos can give in OUR country. #pinkisnotmycountriescolor

  13. False alarm, wala naman yan sa libre na The prophecy inuto lang nila tayo, but i am supporter of bbm but this content sucks. Hahaha

  14. Then we must Elect Bongbong to see if the prediction is True or not, if its not, then its ok, we just have to watch what he is going to do with the country, maybe He can perform better than the other, remember we came from the worst government and trying a new approach on handling the govt would be better than electing an old style one.

  15. Some youth are “mind-conditioning” people to vote for Leni, bruhh make sense. That is why my president is still BBM; he has the ability to improve our country. And he is qualified.

  16. Our country is a promise land, Ophir
    Our 17th,BBM will never give up still as a stronghold to aware to face the consequences , the new world order is our enemy

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