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True Public Service: A Binay father and daughter bind in Makati

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Abby Binay, new mayor of Makati vowed before assuming public office that the legacy of Vice President Jejomar Binay will continue during her term – and that her family and Makati are one which is the same as her father’s dedication towards his constituents.

Abby proudly says despite his father’s reputation being tarnished by media propaganda on alleged corruption allegations that went nowhere,that she wouldn’t wish to be anybody else than the daughter of Jojo Binay whom she admired the most because he embodies genuine service for the people in Makati and beyond”

She added that her father always reminds her that Makati is not just for the rich but also for the poor, educated or not – they will receive the same treatments when seeking for public service may it be medical, educational, social or governmental. Indeed, Makati is still the best place in the Philippines where residents are proud to be where they are because of the Binays.


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