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Turncoating within Estrada’s Circle Tainted Friendly Connections

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada may have succeeded his reelection but he has learned a great lesson not to be too trusting. He had known that few of his close ties supported his enemies who were not happy with his changing plans thus diminishing his lead. He was supposed to endorse his former Vice Mayor to be the Mayor in 2016 – but Manila debts left him with still too many hanging projects to finish – the reason why he ran again and won.

There has been no confirmation though from Isko Moreno’s side if he went over the other fence during the recent election.
Erap also casually said thet they remain friends despite the rumors. He was sarcastic though and changed the subject into joking about why there’s no more durian in Davao – it’s because only star fruits are left or “balimbing” in vernacular.

Estrada’s running mate Honey Lacuna also won overwhelmingly over her rivals but Moreno did not make it to the top 12 of the senatea after running for Senator instead of Manila Mayor.


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