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Turning Phobias into Challenges


By: Gemma Lagasca


PhobiaDid you ever realize that you have Phobia?

Phobia is a kind of anxiety disorder. A person with irrational fear on anyone or anything sometimes poses weird response—either funny or embarrassing or worst lead him or her in danger.

Here are 15 listed interesting unusual phobias for your curiosity.

    1. Nomophobia—is a term discovered in 2008 by British researchers to those who have anxiety in losing access to their mobile technology. Such individuals are too worried to run out of phone battery, constant checking of new text messages and emails. They can’t even sleep or go to the comfort room without having their phone beside them.
    2. Friggartriskaidekaphobia—is a fear of Friday the 13th beliefs. Most people understand that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. This superstitious belief was started in 1911 and begins inflicting people in 1953. The people relate the unlucky number 13 in the bible. They associated it to the number of people in the Last supper before Jesus was arrested by the Roman soldiers and crucified. The unlucky day, Friday was also referred to the disaster happened in 1800s and soon associated the superstition every Friday the 13th. Until now many people are suffering from this kind of fear.

  1. Arachibutyrohobia—being afraid of peanut butter to stick in the roof of mouth. Say sorry for peanut butter sandwich for snacks!
  2. Lachanophobia—people who have irrational fear in vegetables. They are most likely meat lovers and carbohydrate-enrich diets.
  3. Melophobia—is a fear of music. People who have this fear are definitely enjoying star gazing at night and chosen to be in a quiet and cozy place.
  4. Heliophobia—is a fear of sun exposure. People who are suffering from this phobia don’t mind summer time’s exciting activities.
  5. Oenophobia—fear of wines. Those people have no fascination with a glass of Merlot or Chardonnay.
  6. Dipsophobic—people who are scared of drinking alcohol. Good for them!
  7. Alliumphobia—they are people who have fear in garlic—weather it’s the smell or the taste are both related to it. It is the oddest kind of phobia you might ever been encountered.
  8. Somniphobia—this too dangerous for someone who has fear of sleeping. You need further medical attention to overcome this fear. Our body needs 8 hours sleep in a day to live normally.
  9. Anthophobia—fear of flowers. It’s exactly a weird thing for women. Maybe men are most likely having this fear—a bouquet of flowers is actually costly that’s why they tend to be afraid of it!
  10. Sophophobia—a fear of learning or studying. People with this kind of fear await a scary future.
  11. Chrometophobia—fear of money. This is the most amazing fear you may be encountered.
  12. Sanguivoriphobia—people who are scared of bloodsuckers or vampires. This Halloween season is the hardest season of the year for them.
  13. Medorthophobia—this fear affects men that being afraid of erection. Whoa! It sounds unusual!

Phobia is psychological in nature – so, a psychiatrist can definitely help! This is a challenge towards healing.

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