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UK OFWs Call on Comelec to Issue their Election Voting Receipts ASAP

By: Elena Grace Flores

The clean election campaign of Atty. Glenn Chong finally pays off immediately on the first day of absentee voting for the overseas Filipino workers in the United Kingdom. Some are not happy that their ballots are sent to their registered addresses and not given on the spot during the poll itself. Those who already cast their votes have some concerns as well. Few of them did not receive their receipts. They are worried that there may be some switching going on. One thing is clear. There are many loopholes in the processes that can allow cheating. Therefore, they are calling on the Comelec to act on their queries immediately. Chong runs alongside Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator.

YouTube video byKabagis TV

[VIDEO]: Unang Araw ng Pagboto ng mga OFW sa UK may Dayaan ng Nakikita. COMELEC Halata Kayo

Exercising their Right to Vote Overseas

On April 13 the casting of votes of almost two million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) starts. Migrant workers must carefully discern who among the candidates they should support. However, their votes for this midterm elections might not go to their choices as per speculations. In the UK, a group of unhappy voters made their sentiments known in front of the Philippine Embassy their.

Election Voters in the UK

Although most of the absentee voters work in Saudi Arabia, United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, UK voters are vigilant enough to make sure that their votes are counted properly. Hong Kong is the most vote-rich OFW destination with 87,000 registered voters. However, social media shows that there are indeed active clean election advocates in England like Atty. Chong.

Possible Anomalies Detected

There are any legitimate claims that the OFWs in England divulge recently. The most serious one is the non-issuance of receipts after voting. Previously, Atty. Chong appeals to the public not to accept excuses if the receipt of the ballot casts is missing. The choices of the voter must tally with that of the receipt. Comelec must then address all these sentiments as they can lead to doubts. Thus, the results of the said poll can be declared as void if ever.

The Ideal Public Servants

It is a must that OFWs must vote for candidates who value them and their contribution to the nation’s economy. They should look for candidates who prioritize their welfare and ensure protection of their rights in and out of the country. The pubic servants who do not see them as mere products to earn from but fellow citizens with the same rights as them.

UK Residents and OFWs

In 2018 OFW remittances hit $32.21 billion. It was an all-time high record. Personal remittances were 9.7 percent of gross domestic product and 8.1 percent of gross national income in 2018. Almost 79 percent of total cash remittances in 2018 came from OFWs. They are mostly in the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong. It is not known yet if the residents in England are part of the UK OFW statistics. This is because many Filipinas are married with British nationals and may have the status of housewives. Although it is certain that they too can vote and definitely send remittances to their families back home.

4 thoughts on “UK OFWs Call on Comelec to Issue their Election Voting Receipts ASAP

  1. Ang tamang proseso sa pag feed ng balota sa makina, dapat ay nakikita ng botante kung paano fineed sa makina tapos may ikukuwang resibo ang makina na dapat ipareview sa mga botante kung tama ba yung mga binoto nila.

    1. correct, lets help our kababayan in UK by sharing this to all our friends para maaware ang lahat, maliwanag na merun namang magic na mangyayari.., di na tayo papayag ha

  2. This is a big shit! pag may lumabas na dilawan jan at majority pa magakakagulo talaga ang mga tao jan. ayusin niyo embassy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Philippine ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio Lagdameo can be trusted as he is not likely to do any shenanigans that will damage his friendship with BBM. Whatever problems that is associated with the election can be blamed to the comelec and smartmatic coz that’s their job not the Ambassador’s.

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