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UK’s BT Broadband fault created a big fuzz – but only a way of life in the Philippines

BT Broadband

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
UK’s BT Broadband fault disrupted businesses for minutes and it’s already a big deal especially for banks and other businesses to lose revenues in that short span of time – whereas in the Philippines, internet fluctuations are a way of life. In the country where cell sites cannot be easily installed due to the rumored cancer scare that has been corrected by the Department of Health, people can only complain of bad signals or services but there’s nothing the majority can do about it but pay the usual bills to prevent it from not functioning forever. It is just amazing how the slight complaints of one country is a daily sacrifice for another. Read BT’s story in the U.K.:

BBC reported: Many of BT’s customers have experienced problems with its broadband services.The firm first acknowledged the issues in a tweet shortly after 09:00 BST and said they had been resolved three and a half hours later. Its troubles also caused several banks to be unable to offer online services. BT said that a power fault at one of its partners’ sites in London was the cause, but did not name the company involved. However, the BBC discovered that ultimate responsibility lay with the California-based data centre operator Equinix. “We’re sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers experienced problems accessing some internet services this morning,” said a spokeswoman for BT. “Around 10% of customers’ internet usage was affected following power issues at one of our internet connection partners’ sites in London. The issue has now been fixed and services have been restored.”BT’s service status pages had indicated that subscribers in parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland had all been affected.

It continued: The event occurred six months after Equinix took control of the data centre involved as part of its takeover of the Telecity Group. “Equinix can confirm that we experienced a brief outage at the former Telecity LD8 site in London earlier this morning,” said Russell Poole, managing director in the UK for Equinix. “This impacted a limited number of customers, however service was restored within minutes. Equinix engineers are on site and actively working with customers to minimise the impact.”


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