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UN Expert Kaye Misinformed by Local Media – Thus Reacting Negatively to Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
United Nations expert on freedom of expression David Kaye was misinformed by local media reports regarding President Rodrigo Duterte’s previous media killings comments – that’s why this independent UN expert reacted negatively against him.

First, despite being in the position to cheat while sitting down as mayor during the election, he still accused Abby Binay for electoral fraud. This just shows that the guy has no bit of common sense.

His reaction;”David Kaye said that justifying media killings based on how they conduct their professional activities can be understood as a signal to potential killers that killings journalists is acceptable”. If he was told the truth that President Duterte was only giving his opinion based on what he knew as hands on Mayor in Davao with many friends from different sectors both journalists and media propaganda victims – then he would realize that the President was not justifying the killings but condemning instead. He wanted to warn the people only that if you practice defamation regardless of whoever you are, journalist or not, your target will deffinitely go back to you!


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