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United Anti Liberal Alliance Played their Part Well

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
These 3 presidentiables have different styles but they have one common goal – to topple the Liberal Party in the top position. Agreements, strategies and approaches changed based on progress and sentiments of the people – but it did not matter anymore. Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory is outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Merriam Defensor Santiago’s victory as well!

Binay has called on his supporters to unite and support Duterte’s presidency after they asked “where their votes went?” Perhaps, only the die-hard Binay supporters were accounted in the final number of votes that went to him. The rest obviously went to Duterte after he refused to address the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the corruption allegations against him. It was evident that he had only the TV advertisements, traditional campaign tours and selective clustered appearances unlike Duterte’s well-funded events and promotional stints both online and physical.

Same is true with Santiago – but this one is very obvious – only TV interviews and school appearances as guest speaker. She did not even have a campaign tour. Just to run not to win – but to pair with Bongbong Marcos who can safeguard the presidency of Duterte -since Liberal Party cannot accept Marcos to be president when the alleged plan to impeach him with Drilon in the senate majority surfaces. However, the Vice Presidential Race results are still pending.

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