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Unpopular View on Abortion but Made Popular by Hillary Clinton

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, Hillary Clinton is an amazing lady with her excellent communication skills, brilliance and unparalleled experience in life. Abortion has been a subject of debates between religious groups and government policy makers – and only like-minded people  can fully understand what she meant by her defense in favor of the reproductive health law that includes legalizing safe abortion. Since she based her defenses on actual experiences, who can disagree with her? Watch this and listen carefully:

Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

Youtube Video as per link in title by: RH Reality Check RHRC

I can just imagine this guy’s thought process. He’s thinking, “Oh, I’m going to use abortion to put her on the spot!” With what comes next, I almost feel sorry for him. Access this other link on the same subject:

If ignorance and suppressing family planning information increase the rate of abortion, it is better to legalize access to safe abortion because proper and quality healthcare including this, decrease the rate of abortion. Despite what the Christian church is preaching, Hillary’s mentality bearing the pro-choice is also pro-life but in plural form – pro-lives! Her defense does not only protect the lives of troubled females but also the unfortunate offspring born to them if abortions are not carried out as last resort. No child deserves to suffer from poverty and mind you – abortion can rarely happen if it is legal because no need to sneak around, killing the fun and adrenalin rush!


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