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The US Remains the Defender of Asia’s International Waters

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It is now a popular discussion why China is really becoming very aggressive in expanding its air defense facility along the East China Sea where neighboring Asian countries including the Philippines also stake their claims in some specific territories. The encounter might a a coincidence or an ultimatum by the US that if China would pursue its ambition – that they will be facing the American defense to discourage that. Read this:

US, Chinese warships nearly collide in S. China Sea


Washington (AFP) – A Chinese naval vessel came dangerously close to a US warship during a tense incident in the South China Sea last week, US military officials said Friday.

The USS Cowpens, a guided missile cruiser, was forced to maneuver to avoid a collision with the Chinese ship that had crossed directly in front of it and halted, according to naval officers and defense officials.

It is not unknown to the world that the US is facing lots of problems in their country alone  but despite of this, they never failed to assure their allies that they will stand on their promise to protect common territories should one country tries to invade it – to be able to keep strong ties with the concerned friendly nations. So, it is clear that the US remains to be the defender of Asia’s international waters!

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