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US Warfares now at Philippine Sea: Ironclad Commitment Demonstrated

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It is an overwhelming sight watching images of the US supercarrier groups that started operations in the Philippine Sea. The Philippine government welcomed this as a demonstration of Washington’s “ironclad commitment” as all concerned are keeping their fingers crossed on the ruling by a United Nations tribunal on the government’s petition to invalidate China’s so-called nine-dash line in the South China Sea – that the latter vehemently ignored.

The Americans are seen investing much into preservation of world peace, freedom and stability in these areas in Asia. This also shows their strong alliance with the Philippines, as Defense spokesperson Peter Paul Galvez puts it.

Fully equipped modern warfare Nimitz-class supercarriers USS Ronald Reagan and the USS John C. Stennis strike groups started their “dual carrier flight operations” operations in the Philippine Sea yesterday. Despite not being conducted directly in the country’s territorial waters, the U.S. got the Philippines’ blessings to patrol the disputed sea areas to suppress China’s aggressive claim where a part of it also belongs to the country – as per the international laws of the sea.


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