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USA’s 2nd Gentleman, Fil-Am Congressman, and Budget Deputy Director will Attend PBBM’s Inauguration


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: US 2nd Gentleman to lead delegation for Marcos inauguration

The Budget Deputy Director is in the US Delegation

White House said that United States Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff will lead the US delegation. It includes Filipino-American Congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia and Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director Nani Coloretti.

Alliance to Continue

Incoming President Bongbong Marcos’ independent policy does not allow other countries to influence internal decision-making processes when it comes to foreign affairs. Although PBBM vows to continue the alliance with America. some Filipinos are skeptical about the friendship between both countries. Given their treatment of the Marcos family in 1986. That has nothing to do with the US AID budget that his late father refused to accept. Thus, American military bases went somewhere else due to their refusal to pay rent.

Russia’s Offer on Oil

The Russian ambassador just visited PBBM and offered to supply the country with oil. The new President is open to all deals. But to take it could create some indifferences with other US allies. However, when it comes to the welfare of the people, most Filipinos trust that PBBM will make the right move. He’s planning to implement the old strategy of his father. That is to get credit from suppliers.

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