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V.P. Binay Keeps his Cool amidst Mud Throwing

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In today’s early feature at CNN Philippines on the activities of the country’s presidentiables, Vice President Jejomar Binay was asked about his say on the current allegations of corruptions against Mayor Duterte which is also dragging his name along because of a common accuser; no other than Senator Trillanes.

The Vice President simply replied; Talo ang pikon or the affected is the loser! He even positively remarked that instead of ruining his reputations, the bad characters of his political enemies are clearly observed during the broadcasts of their false accusations against him or others.

Binay is noted by people close to him that he rarely loses his temper. He remains soft spoken during his public stint – but will never back out when any of his family member’s or constituent’s rights are violated. He is really a human rights defender!

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