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VC Josh Elman on Twitter & Facebook’s Uniqueness

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Social media giants facebook and Twitter are really innovations that are being carefully built and maintained regularly as it offers more user-friendly innovations. Many could have attested that even if internet is not performing well, access to these sites are not too compromised than other websites. They can even be browsed for free when subscribing to promotional data packages offered by mobile communication line providers. Hear why is that so:

Venture beat posted on talk with venture capitalist Josh Elman, a partner at Greylock Partners and a veteran of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
Elman has built a reputation as a master of growth, and at Facebook he was head of platform, helping launch Facebook Connect.

It added: We talked about what defines a platform, and about the differences between Facebook’s and Twitter’s approaches to building and growing their platforms. Check the podcast by clicking the link below:


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