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Venus-like Leo, a Filipino Nurse Receives Covid-19 Vaccine in the UK

Covid-19 vaccine

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

PH nurse in UK receives COVID-19 vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine is a Blessing

It’s a blessing, said a Filipino nurse. Leo Quijano who looks stunning contracted the coronavirus. She is one of the first frontliners to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. As a survivor of the viral disease, she is grateful and hopes that the world indeed found a cure. It takes 2 months for her t get rid of Coronavirus.

Eager Expectant

Quijano was very eager to have the Covid-19 vaccine after surviving it. She never hesitated and urges her peers to do the same. Originally from Marinduque in the Philippines, she serves as a nurse for two decades already. Slight side effects like feeling a little feverish and muscle pains are but normal for any vaccinations, she added.

Standard Process

Quijano said that the administration is very standard. Like any other vaccines. She only waited for 10 minutes and was offered biscuits and juice. Then, she immediately went back to work. Medical workers like her would like to become an example to the rest of the people. It does not prevent from getting infected only. But it can also stop anxiety and depression brought about by the pandemic.

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