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Vice President Binay Not a User says Manny Pacquiao

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Manny Pacquiao said in the previous interview with ABS CBN: a real leader focuses on what the people need. He said a real leader will not use others to boost his chances of claiming a higher position – shrugging off the corruption allegations against him.

Manny is not worried about the ongoing senate probe handled by the Blue Ribbon Committee to investigate Vice President Jejomar Binay. He knew ever since that Binay has been the champion in helping remote provinces especially for those who can’t have decent dwellings. He also stressed the fact that Binay is a self-made man who was able to move himself out of poverty – so, he is the most suitable candidate for the Presidency to help ease poverty in the Philippines.

Manny was rumored to run as Vice President under UNA or United Nationalists Alliance with Binay since 2014 as per this video:

Video: by GMA News via Youtube

However, he was just proclaimed earlier during the Launch of UNA in Makati as it’s senartoial bet.

Manny shared the views of the Vice President  as elaborated in the political platform of Binay. Their being pro-poor made them the best bets for the Presidential and Senatorial race.

Image Source: Top Rank

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