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Vietnamese Border Officer put own anger to China by printing Swearing words in passport

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
How would you feel that after travelling and passing the immigration check point at the airport in the border that you read a screaming swearing word to your face saying; ‘F*ck you’! It is really very offensive for unsuspecting tourist. This is the reason why it is advised not to travel to countries with current conflicts with your own country – because some people cannot manage hate and anger properly.

The boarder officer responsible is clearly guilty of abusing his power as he manned his post – but how can governments prevent this from happening when we are all human and very capable in committing mistakes? Travel advisory perhaps?

Ms. Zhong from south China visited Vietnam last July 23. The Vietnamese border staff asked her to hand in her passport and without caution, he wrote offensive languages on it. The Chinese Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City already reported the matter to the embassy and it is currently being investigated. ‘F*ck you’ was scribbled on two pages where nine-dash line is printed”, said Zhong, who was disappointed with the officer’s behavior.


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