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Voicing your Own Mind is not a Crime: Miriam Defensor Santiago

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is a video of the two feuding Philippine senators – Juan Ponce Enrile walking out on Miriam Defensor Santiago while passionately addressing her getting punished for the way she thinks. Is it a crime expressing your interpretation of the law based on facts? The outspoken lady senator may be too direct in her opinions but she’s actually the one who’s making a lot of sense in the senate. Watch this:

Miriam blasts Enrile for ‘insulting’ her ABS-CBN NEWS [1/26/10]

Posted at Youtube by: Daniel Gidotti

She is such a brave soul criticizing a very powerful political figure and her own Godfather during her wedding! It’s really different when you are not anymore running for office and just spending your remaining time in the position to correct things. This is a very noble act from Senator Santiago. May her legacy live forever.

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