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You voted for your President: Remember Pnoy vs Gibo?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s not that there are no capable and dependable presidentiables in the Philippines. It’s just a matter of choice. Take the case of real life cousins from the Cojuanco clan; Gibo Tedodora and Benigno Simeon Aquino better know as Pnoy who were both eyeing for the Presidency in 2010. Who did majority of the people vote? How is it now?

It is clear that most Filipinos are judgmental and easily influenced by media propaganda. The reason why many voted for Pnoy was because he seemed like the lesser evil at that time. Not that Gibo was more evil to their eyes – but because he was the Arroyo Administration’s bet who was facing numerous plunder allegations that went nowhere as Pnoy’s term ended.

Many did not look at achievements, public service experience, character, principles, intelligence and capabilities not to mention looks. Pnoy was the choice of the majority because of his father and mother’s stories. Little do they know that his own mother detested for him to run as president because he will not be a good one. In fairness to him, he really did his best but mothers know best. However it’s not too late yet, Duterte’s announcement that Gibo will definitely get a position in his cabinet means that the majority voters got a second chance to double check on their guidelines in choosing a President hoping that it’s lesson learned for 2022. Welcome back, Gibo!

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