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VP Kamala Harris Relays the US’s Support on the South China Sea Arbitral Ruling in Favor of PI

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: US VP Kamala Harris meets with Philippine Coast Guard in Palawan

South China Sea Support

US Vice President Kamala Harris recently said in Palawan that they support the arbitral ruling at the Hague in favor of the Philippines for maritime security and economic growth in the South China Sea disputed island. In fact, satellites will be installed by the Americans in a couple of months to monitor further.

Fishing Coummunity

The American Vice President also observes that the fishing community in Palawan is mainly dependent on the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea fishing areas. She mentions a woman who made a good livelihood in drying fish. Then, she taught other women to do it too.

China’s Harassment

Just hours before the arrival of Kamala in Palawan, there’s a commotion on the collection of China’s space debris that the Philippine coast guard recovers. However, they denied having some troubles. The US VP stresses that they won’t tolerate intimidation and harassment by the Chinese. They must follow international law, she added.

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