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VP Sara is Not Just Addressing the Shortfall of Online Classes but also has a No Mercy Policy

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By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: Enrile’s Reaction to VP Sara’s No Mercy Policy

After Online Classes

VP Sara Duterte-Carpio is not just strengthening the education system of the country as the Education Secretary after the online classes during the pandemic. She’s also helping in the national security arena. She said earlier that the no-mercy policy against criminals must be imposed.

VP Sara’s No Mercy Policy

As the OIC while the President was away, VP Sara said that the government should show “no mercy” to criminals and terrorists. This is because it aims to enhance coordination and cooperation on national security. She sets the online classes remedy during the meeting. That was her directive during the sit-down meeting with the government’s security sector.

Enrile’s Reaction

Security adviser to the president, Juan Ponce Enrile second the motion of the Vice President. He said that since the rebels are collecting arms, the government must be tougher on them.  Terrorists are killing innocent people and the military. So, it’s about time for them to get a dose of their own medicine. The president has a deeper problem to solve while he’s away, Enrile added.

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