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War Coincides with the Prophecy of the Savior Leader in BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores
by DAE Stories

BBM to rise during the year of the tiger.

Bongbong Marcos as the Savior Leader

It is not a coincidence that the Gaza war and the South China Sea conflict arises at this time. The year of the tiger which is 2022 is fast-approaching. This is where the savior leader will emerge. Many prophecies indicate that this is Bongbong Marcos. Even the date of his birth and family history are on line with such predictions.

The End of the Yellow Regime

All the lies of the yellows are finally over. They have a slim chance in 2022 elections to win a seat. The current Vice President becomes the most-hated VP. While the barking former senator, Antonio Trillanes IV presents himself as a nuisance presidential candidate. Their mocking the Filipino leader who is pro-Marcos just boomerangs into them.

Only a Marcos can be the Savior Leader

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said it all. Even if he has 20 years in the presidency, he cannot do it. He urges the people to find another Marcos. His support to Bongbong Marcos is genuine. The yellows try to stain it but to no avail. There might be many dramas going around currently. But one thing is for sure. The Philippines will be great again!

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