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We Just Want You to Know who Ferdinand Marcos was!

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Remembering Ferdinand Marcos on his birthday
On the occasion of the late Ferdinand Marcos’ birthday, it is worth remembering that even after his death, he still serves the Filpino people. This is through his economic, health, education, cultural, and infrastructure projects. Thanks to President Rodrigo Duterte who finally helped fulfill his wish to be buried at the Heroes Cemetery. People now realized his heroism. Not just as a well-decorated soldier but as the leader who worked for the welfare of his countrymen.

History will Judge Him

Critics must be very careful in standing their ground against him. They should be shameful enough not to benefit from his provisions. May that be airports, hospitals, schools, bridges and roads. Not to mention water and electricity. Plus 13th month pay. Now, who is doing revisionism?

The Time of the New Ferdinand Marcos

The visions, blueprints and plans of the fallen leader can still continue with the new Ferdinand Marcos. His son and namesake vows to implement them. The nation will be great again. Bongbong Marcos is to run as President in the 2022 elections.

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