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What to Wear to a Funeral

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By: Elena Grace Flores
I was a little under dress when I attended the recent wake for the mother of a neighbor. So, I vowed to change that for the funeral. I just wasn’t sure what to wear exactly – but based on my recollection, this kind of event must be treated formally. So, I guess – formal wear will be absolutely appropriate. Read this:

What to wear to a funeral


If there’s one thing guaranteed to exercise the minds of mourners it’s the age-old ‘What should I wear to a funeral?’ question. Above all, common sense, and sensitivity to any special family wishes, are the key to wearing something suitable. – See more at:

Of course in the Philippines where the weather is hot and humid (if there are no typhoons), a coat and a tie for men will be a bit too much but for sure, the Barong or the Filipino National Clothing for men will do. However, women can certainly make do of their office clothes or special clothes they normally wear during Sunday masses in church. Just choose a solemn color to play safe.

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