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What does America mean to PBBM as a Trading Partner?


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Marcos woos investors in New York, cites ‘mutually beneficial’ investment climate in PH

America as a Trading Partner

America is the country’s 3rd largest trading partner of the Philippines. It’s unimaginable to operate without the US now and in the future, said President Bongbong Marcos. He announces in New York that the country is on its way to doing business with foreign countries.  So, it increases its scope for mutually beneficial investments.

Foreign Investment Climate

Pass legislation to lower corporate income tax rates, reduce minimum capital investments for technology transfer start-ups, and massive stimulus programs are just a few plans in the pipeline. Crisis resilience is a proven fact. The Philippines also has sufficient internal buffer shocks like the OFWs’ remittances.

Restructuring Bureaucracy and the Government

High-quality labor, sound macroeconomic fundamentals,  improved employment percentage, accelerated manufacturing activities, and most of all, trading has double-digit growth, added President Marcos. Foreign partnerships in the infrastructures and agriculture sectors are ongoing. Foreign investments are definitely welcome not just from the US but from other countries as well.

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