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What’s the First Thing Bongbong Marcos Must Do as President?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Ease the Burden of Filipinos through the Maharlika Concept

FIAT to Gold Currency

The Nixon shock by former US President Richard Nixon saves America’s economy. But who can save now the countries with lots of gold reserves suffering from the pandemic? Since people know already that Marcos’ wealth for humanity is not just a myth, Bongbong Marcos has the duty to facilitate it. However, he has to be President of the country first to do that. As one of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ heir, he is knowledgeable of its processes more than anyone else.

Stand Up Amidst All the Lies

The Filipinos on the other hand, must join forces with each other to retain the truth about the Marcos Gold. Bongbong Marcos can only do so much. The people are the beneficiaries. So, it is everyone’s right to verify news and separate the lies from the facts. No one deserves to be in poverty. Especially in the Philippines with natural abundance.

The Future of the Filipinos

The future of the Filipinos is bright under the leadership of Bongbong Marcos. This may be disputed by the Finance people under the current economic system. However, this cannot last long. They have no choice but to divert to the ancient trading and currency system. The power forces on earth are nothing compared to the divine influence. Trust and believe. It can happen very soon.

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