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What’s the Insurance of the Pro-Admin Tandem with Smartmatic-Hybrid System?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Valentino Facts

The Marcos Political Platform

Marcos-Mayor Sara Tandem is the People’s Insurance

Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio’s closeness with the Marcoses can bring out the best of the Marcos-Duterte tandem once again. This can still happen now if Bongbong Marcos wins his protest in the 2016 elections. However, the limited time left can deem it useless. Also, the Smartmatic’s presence together with the Hybrid system is another challenge. So, the insurance that can make this tandem win is the landslide votes of the people. This pro-admin alliance is so hot early in the poll that mainstream media just cannot ignore it.

Regional Preferences

Per location, Marcos with 20% leads in Metro Manila. The 2019 elections had seven million registered voters for this location. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno follows Marcos. But he is only in his first term as local chief executive of the Philippine capital at 18%. Duterte trails with 16%. while Poe and Pacquiao both have 12%.

Mayor Sara’s Dominance

The president’s daughter yields 29% in the Visayas, Poe with 15%, Marcos and Pacquiao with 13% each, and Moreno with 9%. Mindanao had 58% for Duterte in the region she hails from. Pacquiao with 9%, Poe 8%, Marcos 7% and Moreno with a dismal 2%. Robredo is only in the 6th place and third in Luzon with 13%, in Metro Manila with 7%, Visayas 6% and Mindanao 2%.

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