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Who are you fooling Grace Poe?: FPJ Birthday Ad on Prime-time TV!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Susan Roces’ remarks that no one has the right to call Grace Poe their “ampon” or adopted child because they treated her as their own was understandable. It doesn’t matter if the child is not blood -related to the adoptive parents for as long as he or she was adopted since early life, the feeling would be the same for them thus, explaining Susan’s sentiments but of course in reality, Grace Poe is still adopted. So it is not against any law to call her “ampon”.

The question lies with Grace Poe’s sincerity to the Filipino people since her message to honor FPJ is politics-related for her future political career. She is clearly using the popularity of her late father the same as when she immediately dropped her Llamanzares married name in favor of Poe to win the senatorial race. Who is Grace Poe fooling that her Ad was not for political reasons? She would spend that much money on Prime Time TV if she did not have a hidden agenda? Sorry Grace, Filipinos are more in-depth now than before because of Social Media.
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