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Who is Responsible for History Revisionism?

history revisionism

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PweDelie TV

Bongbong Marcos: They put lies on text books.

Brainwashing the Children

Bongbong Marcos expresses his disgust over the Liberal Party government’s effort in demonizing Ferdinand Marcos and martial law in textbooks. These are part of the country’s history that the yellow faction is noisy enough in keeping them despite the wrong details. To correct them they said is – history revisionism. But hold on. Who is really revising history here? Did they explain truthfully why martial law was declared?

Changing the Name of the Airport

The late President Ferdinand Marcos is the only president who’s infrastructure projects are still in use nowadays. In fact, President Rodrigo Duterte adapts his own Buil Build Build blue prints. There’s also a strong speculation that the Marcoses have something to do with funding it. The only thing that the 2 consecutive Aquino terms did was to change the names of Marcos’ projects to fool the people. Are you being fooled too?

The Reason of Martial Law

The real reason of martial law was to save the country from insurgents. They pose themselves as communists. Their communism ideology that Ninoy Aquino enhanced with arms led to the CPP-NPA merge. They do terrorism activities. Killing and looting people. Now, who’s the tyrant?

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