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Why are Relatives of Terrorists Allowed to Run for the Congress?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by OHJAYCEE

Relatives of Terrorists are in the Congress

Comelec Involvement

The death of an NPA member who is the daughter of a congresswoman is proof that relatives of terrorists are in the government. They kill military officers. Cong. Eufemia Campos Cullamat admits that her daughter, Jevilyn is an NPA fighter. Her husband is also in the same organization. But the CHR condemns the trophy photo of the fatality. This goes the same for the opposition. They seem to act like they are on the insurgents’ side. So, while this confuses the public, a press group questions the Comelec’s election guidelines for the Congress.

Double-Faced Partylists

Connivance is more likely between government officials and the terrorists themselves. Imagine ones beloved daughter on the rebels side and the mother on the government’s side. So, speculations that there are double-faced Partylists of this kind in the Congress loomed. They pretend to be one with the government to seek ways to destroy it.

Move to Disqualify Parties with Links to the Underground

The group appeals to the Comelec to possibly disqualify these partylists that have connections underground. This is a violation to the public servants’ code of ethics. Therefore, they must not be allowed to serve both sectors that have contradicting mandates. Nonetheless, parties must not stand as fronts for underground movements. Therefore, Comelec must act quickly if they are not collaborating with them as well.

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