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Why Binay is the Best Choice for President 2016?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The 2016 Philippine National Election 2016 is fast approaching and only one Presidential candidate has declared his candidacy for the top position so far, no other than the Vice President of the Philippines, Jejomar Binay – and that’s because he is confident enough on how to make his country change for the better through his tested community development projects in his more than 30 years of public service.

We all know that poverty is the number one problem in the Philippines – and since experts say that poverty is only in the mind or a state of mind or a mentality, then V.P. Jejomar Binay launched an educational system that also provides skills to the students at the University of Makati. Even the Ayala Group is so convinced with this system that they implemented the same into their community service projects. However, the Liberal Party did not even know this strategy to solve the rising unemployment rate due to the graduates’ lack of skills – that they criticized the UMAK Nursing Department’s affiliation with LASIK techology.

Secondly, the number one major expense that most OFWs shoulder for their family back home is for hospitalization. V.P. Binay already has the Yellow Card benefits since he was the Mayor of Makati for OSMAK or Ospital ng Makati (Hospital of Makati). Not to mention the Senior Citizens’ benefits. These two are just few of Binay’s Political Platform. If the Philippines will have this Healthcare system nationwide like in Thailand and Australia, then the poor people will be well taken-cared of and they will have a sound mind to work smarter to ease themselves from poverty.

To add further, Binay is the only politician who’s mind is geared towards preservation of Human Rights as a specialized lawyer on that. He will never break the law despite criticisms on why he does not want to face the senate on the allegations against him – because he knew so well that it’s not the job of the senators and it’s unconstitutional. Instead, he submitted an affidavit to the Ombudsman since it’s the right process for such case. So, no Filipino will ever suffer again in defending their own rights like the case of Sultan Jamalul Kiram’s men in Sabah who were mass murdered when they tried to take back what is theirs.

Sure enough after one year of flamboyant media propaganda that aims to destroy his reputation, he still ends up victorious because no plunder or corruption case was ever filed against him but only a Complaint Affidavit to investigate further for possible evidence. Even an impeachment will not stand a chance according to Representative NielTupas, the chairman of the House Committee on Justice, from the Liberal Party himself.

Other Important Events

Here are the links to the full transcriptions and video of July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe:

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4 thoughts on “Why Binay is the Best Choice for President 2016?

  1. this is just one of the Binay campaign sites.

    1. Sorry, I own this site and not Binay although I am pro Binay according to the truth known to me when I was once an International Investigative Journalist connected with the UN and media based in Bangkok Thailand. That’s why I campaigned against Media Propaganda and write only about the truth as a certified Google writer to let my countrymen know!

      1. Ayala made Makati.

        Binay cannot do what he did without all the taxes coming from them.

        Assuming he did uplift many from poverty, have you not seen his arrogance as of late? Disobeying subdivision rules, public scams left and right, undermining the integrity of the Philippine Senate by having that ignoramus daughter of his run and win!

        Stop poisoning the minds of Filipinos. No to Binay now and forever.

        No, you cannot have your cake!

        1. Ayala was never the mayor of Makati and even Ayala salutes the system of V.P. Binay especially in terms of education that’s why their private-public relationship progressed. All what you see on News negatively against Binay is part of the Media Propaganda campaign to desperately stop him to run as President for 2016. Today, the 200 Million Libel Suit is filed against them by Binay.

          It’s okay I can buy my own cake…

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