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Why Do they Fear Bongbong Marcos in the Presidency?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Why do they fear Bongbong Marcos to be president?

Bongbong Marcos Believes in the Youth

Bongbong Marcos still believes that the youth is the hope of the country. However, many people vie on him to ease their suffering. After all, it’s only the son who can realize the will of his father in this regard. As the namesake, heir, and president, no more powerful forces can block the Philippines from becoming great again. So, people must know the truth before voting come election 2022.

The Powerful Force

Slander and gossips are the instruments of the oligarchs to destroy Marcos. They are connected to the world’s central banking system. The same as the broadcast coverage of the mainstream media. Imelda Marcos refers to them as the powerful force. This was when they block the senate’s hearing of the last will and testament of Ferdinand Marcos. Once the wealth of humanity is released from the trustees, the nation would be self-sustaining.

Bongbong Marcos is a Patriotic Leader and More

Patriotic leaders like Ferdinand Marcos would always set the commercial system of the country for the benefit of the masses. The businesses of the elitist would not gain from that process. Once the country is self-sustaining, private services may not be necessary anymore. They need to innovate to thrive in their commerce. Perhaps, they should allow Bongbong Marcos to lead. He is not very traditional. He learned from the past but he’s very abreast with technology.

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  1. i think in my own imagination and analysis walang makakalaban c BBM na tatali sa kanya the admin of Prez Duterte including Sarah will support him i think the tandem is BBM and Mam Imee Marcos ist in the history Marcos + Marcos both of them are genius mas ma uuplift nila ang pagsulong ng bansa walang kokontra sa pagunlad kasama sa pagunlad ang suporta ng admin ni pangulong duterte solid yan

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