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Why Does the Marcos Wealth for Humanity Requires Unity


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Imminent Opening of Marcos Wealth for Humanity

Wealth of the Filipinos

The Filipino people are beneficiaries. So unity is crucial in the year 2022! It’s about time! Remember what the late President Ferdinand Marcos said: “My earthly goods have been placed in custody. This is for the disposition of the Marcos Foundation. It is dedicated to the welfare of the Filipino people.” He is truly so brilliant that corrupt power figures cannot steal the wealth of humanity. Gold is really God’s money. Whoever has the most gold, rules the world.

Marcos Wealth for Humanity is Timely

The pandemic made a lot of countries broke. The monetary system by the US that uses credit can less likely survive. An economic reset might be necessary with all the bad debts. This is where the gold system can come in. The 2022 elections can really change the course of time. People have the power to elect a president who can influence Congress to fast-track the Marcos wealth resolution or not.

Unity against Conspiracy Theory

The alleged conspiracy theory accusation on the Marcos wealth by the opposition has no effect on the people in unity. Filipinos must know these things. Technology is really the tool to uncover the truth. The great talents of the country can now go places with all the infrastructures, services, and privileges the last will and testament of Ferdinand Marcos preserves and provides to its worthy owners. So, help us, God.

1 thought on “Why Does the Marcos Wealth for Humanity Requires Unity

  1. He can perhaps release the gold that are stashed around the world that belongs to filipinos. He need to be elected in the palace in other to fulfill his late father wishes to uplift the poverty of our people. Let’s all unite and stand for BBM for the betterment of our country and for humanity around the world.

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