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Why Don’t Some People Like Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
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The Exceptional Side of the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Some People Do Not Like Him

Ferdinand Marcos was a brilliant lawyer. He’s a genius, a visionary, a public servant with a heart, and a charmer. So, he’s probably the greatest president the Philippines ever had. There were many exceptional events in his life. Those made some people frown. First, he was in prison for allegedly killing his father’s rival. But, he got out of detention after lawyering for himself. The worst for his detractors was his policies while in power. They prioritized the welfare of the poor. Therefore made the rich furious.

Popular and Beloved

Marcos woed the beauty queen, Imelda Marcos for only 11 days. Then, they got married secretly two weeks after the courtship. He said that he had loved Imelda all along even before meeting her. His beautiful wife was also an asset when he ran for President. They were a beloved couple among many Filipinos. The Marcoses were so popular that his rivals had to discredit him using the media.

Ferdinand Marcos is for the Welfare of the People

During his time, the agriculture sector was top of the list. The farmers received aids and support from the government. The Filipino leader was respected by leaders around the globe. The infrastructure projects cost even more than his government’s budget. He ventured into technology like the nuclear power plant but most of his projects were scraped out by the recipient of the oligarch’s strategy on him. The existing ones were renamed to honor her assasinated husband.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Some People Like Ferdinand Marcos?

  1. Why there’s some people who dislike FEM? simply because he got everything i.e. brains money. power and charisma etc. those who doesn’t like him are envious of what he got.

  2. You’ve said it all, The Phil. Was the richest in Asia when he was the Pres. He was for the poor people, He was a brilliant, a good Pres. And the most intelligent Pres. the Phil. has, and I salute him.

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