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Why is the 13th Month Pay Law Maker NOT in Text Books?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Jang Publicus

The 13th month pay tale.

P.D. 851 of President Ferdinand Marcos

The late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos created a law for employers to pay a thirteenth month salary. The objective is to improve the situation of workers during his time. In December 1975 there was a problem to update the minimum wage. The cost of living was already too high compared to the stagnant minimum wage. This is not mentioned in schools and no text books are found to have this information.

Eligibility and Calculation of the Pay

All rank and file employees are entitled to receive 13th month pay. This is regardless of the nature of their employment. The methods by which their wages are paid also do not matter. However, they must have at least one (1) month stint during a calendar year. It is pro rata. The one month salary divided by 12. Then multiply with the number of months of work duration. So, if one has a year or more experience in the company, he or she will have a pay equivalent to the full salary. This is a big help for the Filipinos during Christmas time.

Correcting Text Books

The son of the former President Marcos, Bongbong Marcos calls for the revision of text books in schools. They are bias to the opposition. They The Aquino regime wrote such history. No information about President Marcos’ achievements. The infrastructure projects nationwide are also left out.

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