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Why Rejoin the ICC when it Could Only Lead us to War without Insurance like NATO?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Al Jazeera English
[VIDEO]: Marcos says the Philippines will not rejoin the ICC

Going to War without Insurance

The Philippines already said no to America in their quest to expand their NATO alliance for the war in Ukraine. The same thing with the US’s interference with Taiwan and China.  President Bongbong Marcos asked. How can the alliance help the Philippines in a possible war against China? The answer was they will send warships after the first attack. Of course, the Filipino leader cannot let World War 2 from happening again. Many were killed by Japanese troops before bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima without insurance. The Filipinos are not guinea pigs.

Not Rejoining the ICC

Just like during the previous Duterte administration, the media desperately shows the isolated case of possible police misconduct in the drug war. Killings of young men and women seem happening again during the new Marcos administration. The people immediately asked the government what is going on. President Bongbong Marcos said that we have our own justice system in place. That should be enough. The same thing as we have our able intelligence force to solve these crimes.  These are better than being led to war without insurance. The rebels and terrorists must get ready now.

Interview with the US President

US President Joe Biden vehemently said in an interview that he has no intention to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Instead, NATO and its alliances will strengthen their forces. Meaning, prepare for war. When the world leader is in chaos, the Philippines can only stay neutral to prevent war in Asia. Besides, China never recognized the ICC.

1 thought on “Why Rejoin the ICC when it Could Only Lead us to War without Insurance like NATO?

  1. I go with the President’ decision…WW2 is enough, ICC do not have the right to take over the justice system of smart filipinos…biased media has gotten this issue to the worst scenario…i still believe the filipino can…

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