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Wife Jealous over Husband’s Facebook Friend


By: Elena Grace Flores

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It’s always wise not to accept “friend requests” from people we don’t know on social media particularly Facebook – but recently there have been many cases that the persons requesting are “friends” of known relatives plus their surnames are also within the family circle. The tendency is – many of us will just have to accept such requests – thinking that we might offend some relatives for not doing so. Sure enough, just last night – a person named Riza Soriano messaged me on my timeline and here’s the dialogue:

Riza: How did you know Gau Soriano?

Me: I don’t know him really but he has the same last name as my relatives – so I accepted his friend request. You have the same last name…has he done anything bad to you?

Riza: Have you chatted with him? Who’s your relative that is his friend? Even if you don’t know a person you still accept his friend request?

Me: Never – it’s not your business but who are you? Do you want to be blacklisted? You sound like a jealous wife ha ha and you are jealous with a grandma. Are you not ashamed of yourself? I’ll try chatting with that Gau Soriano of yours. Is he handsome? Anyway you seem to have a very low IQ. I was explaining to you earlier that I thought that he is a relative – even you also… since you have the same last name (you might both be a long lost relative), but with your attitude – I doubt it!

Riza: You’re stupid. I have the right to be jealous because I’m his wife. Not like you – even you don’t know him, you still accepted him – just because you want to have many people to chat with. How do I know, who you are?

Me: Well, you could have read my profile, especially the age and status – not just my beautiful face. No doubt that your husband might have lost interest in you because of your stupidity and bad character. On second thought, I actually want to thank you because that means that other women can still be jealous of me. By the way, I’m a sexy grandma – just so you know. Where’s that Gau Soriano? Why can’t I find his profile? Oh he’s ugly and you are jealous? Maybe you are insecure. Just let me know if you need a life coach. I offer my services to you – free of charge. According to Facebook record, I never chatted with your husband. By the way, how did you become my friend? It’s so weird.

Riza: You’re the only one who is telling me that I have a bad attitude. You’re stupid because I don’t think my husband will lose interest in me. Maybe he just wanted to play around because in the Philippines there are many flirty women – so many men are taking advantage of them. Do you think you’re beautiful? You are not my friend and I’m not interested to be friends with people I don’t know – men or women. (I just happen to see your profile at my husband’s Facebook account). You should do that too. Check it out first.

Me: Maybe you are really from the low class of people and I should not go down to your level but I’m actually enjoying this. Since you do not respect your elders, I declare war with you! Maybe you are the flirty one because you even married your ugly husband!

Riza: Stupid – you reacted right away when I just asked you, how did you meet Gau? You already said many things. You are the low class and no respect because when I said that you are a flirty woman, you reacted right away! You better read what I said again if you are really an educated person, Miss beautiful!

Me: I love you. It’s a pity. Okay I will chat with your husband, thanks.

Riza: Okay you do that. I don’t care. It just shows that you are one of the flirty women in the Philippines ha ha ha. What a pity – old woman!

Me: Okay, thanks.

I could have been nicer or more diplomatic with her but I was thinking – this could be an interesting blog material and Filipinas can voice out their sentiments! What happened to Maria Clara if it’s true that women in the Philippines are flirty! In fairness to the husband, he was so apologetic when he replied to my query (Actually he’s not that bad at all and pretty educated too – with the right manners. Too bad… his wife did not trust him.). He begged to please be patient with his wife and he was so sorry, so I said – okay no problem but you will read this on my blog soon!

So, here it is. Let me know if you have some strange Facebook experiences and I would gladly publish them if I think it’s credible. I’d archived the conversation in Tagalog if you want that emailed to you. Just let me know by writing on the comments area.


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